et up a Topic for Grading

  1. Firstly,elect Discussions in the course navigation bar.
  2. Secondly,  Discussions List page will open. Select the dropdown arrow next to the discussion topic to be assessed.
  3. Thirdly, select Edit Topic.
  4. Further, The Edit Topic page will open with the Properties tab displayed. Select Assessment.
  5. Moreover, (Optional) To have the grade display in the Grades area of the course, select a grade item:
    • To link to a grade item that has already been created in the Grades area, select the item from the Grade Item dropdown list.
    • If the grade item does not exist, create a new grade item for the topic by selecting New Grade Item.
  6. In addition to, nter the maximum points students can earn for participation in the discussion in the Score Out Of field.
  7. Finally, ptional) Add a Rubric. See Rubrics for more information.
  8. Lastly, lect  Save and Close.

Assign Scores and Provide Feedback

  1. Select Discussions in the course navigation bar.
  2. The Discussions List page will open. Select the dropdown arrow next to the topic to be graded.
  3. Select Assess Topic.
  4. The Assess Topic page will open. Select Topic Score under the name of the student to be assessed.
  5. A pop-up window will open.  This window contains all of the posts the student has made for this discussion. If a rubric was attached to this discussion, the the interactive rubric will appear above the student posts. Enter the number of points earned in the the “Topic Score” field.

    Note: If using a rubric the earned points will be automatically entered into the “Topic Score” field after scoring the rubric.

  6. (Optional) Enter qualitative feedback in the General Feedback box.
  7. Select Save Draft  to delay the release of the grade and feedback.
  8. Select Publish to release the grade and feedback.


Review the scores that students earned on a discussion topic in a spreadsheet format in the Grades area. Visit Grades to learn more.